Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lionheart,The Spider, and The Funky Chicken by Victor Nunnally

 I was asked to produce a Lions Face Mosaic.  Lions involve a lot of cutting and patience as I do it freehand.   
A Lions Face -18" Diameter Stained Glass Mosaic by Victor Nunnally 2016 -commission
"The Great Deceiver" 14" stained glass mosaic by Victor Nunnally
The Earth is trapped in a world wide web. Check out ACLU's  article on surveillance :
What we are doing is beyond Orwellian-

Imagine if a village of people used surveillance to manipulate you and puppeteer you?  Their intent to convert and exploit? Imagine if they were Satanists.  Imagine if they were Scientologists.  Imagine if they were Mormons and Evangelical Christians.  Imagine if was a bunch of teenagers or Feminist cults.

IT sees you when you are sleeping.  IT sees you when you are awake.  IT knows when you are bad or good so be good for goodness sake! 

Remember the hissing, screaming and gurgling of dial up?  Cyberspace, I have concluded is Hell. 

God, the world was so much better before this garbage. Destroy IT now before it slithers into another quantum state.
Or not.

9 x 6 " Stained Glass Mosaic Plate "Bluebird" by Victor Nunnally 2016
"By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes." IT
"The Great Deceiver or IT"  14" Stained Glass Mosaic  by Victor Nunnally 2016-How do we destroy IT?

The Funky Chicken 15" stained Glass Mosaic Plate by Victor Nunnally -2016
Do The Funky Chicken.

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